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~:.Hyde Omina.:~ by Animoistic ~:.Hyde Omina.:~ :iconanimoistic:Animoistic 1 0 ~:.Adoptables!!.:~ {Youtuber Fan Edition} by Animoistic ~:.Adoptables!!.:~ {Youtuber Fan Edition} :iconanimoistic:Animoistic 0 0 ~:.Onyx Xehlis.:~ by Animoistic ~:.Onyx Xehlis.:~ :iconanimoistic:Animoistic 0 0
~:.Nevermore.:~ {Origin Story}
It was a calm day in Madison, Wisconsin. The sun was shining & everyone was happy. Well....Except for one. In one of the many homes there was a girl who looked about 19. Her long maroon colored hair was tied up into a ponytail by a single, thin, black ribbon. Her greenish-brown eyes laid down on the pile of dishes she was washing in warm water.
A man came down the stairs into the kitchen, placing about 4 more plates by the sink with a frown. He looked about 30, his green eyes looking over the female's neck, stopping at the scar that rested there. With a grin he leaned down & started nipping at the mark. This made the girl uncomfortable & she jolted, accidently knocking the recently placed plates off the counter & shatter on the marble tiled floor.
The male glared at the mess then at the female, cocking his hand way back & slapped the female harshly in the face, knocking her down.
"AGH!!" She cried as she fell onto the shards of glass, holding her face.
"See what you did you bitch?! Cle
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by Fyrae

Yas! I really like this character. The ref is so cool & VERY creative. I really like the fact he's an android & looks like a real porcupine {Unless you remove the scarf :)} I'm a huge fan of Zero & I hope SEGA sees this masterpiece because it deserves to be noticed & enknowledged. I'm thinking on mak...

Like holy shit! This is AMAZING! I love the expression in Strike's face & everything else about this picture. It's just so freaking fab & I love it! I really love this & I hope everyone does too! It's a masterpiece & reminds me of this song:… You deserve a cookie or be...


Journal History



~:.Dameon Malise.:~ {Ref}
~Quote:"You Won't Bring Me Down!"

~Name: Dameonix Vernando Malise {Hates his real name}
+Other Names: D, Dameon

~Sex: Male

~Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

~Species: Porcupine
+Sub: Demonic Vampire

~Age: 17

~D.O.B.: September 7th, 1999

~Height: 6'3

~Weight: Featherweight

~Origin: Metro City, Earth

~Current Residents: Mobius

~Alliance: Good

~Status: Active

~Likes: Cooking, baking, dancing, singing, sewing, knitting, weaving, styling, sleeping, school, learning, books. 

~Dislikes: Evil, the dark, bright things, flashing things, his past.

~Hates: Being surprised

-The Dark 

~Personality: Sweet, creative, heartfelt, emotional, obsessed with clothing & shoes, always smiling, excitable, hyper, has MANY talents!
-Extra Traits: Has a hidden insane side. Almost like a split personality.
+Insane Side: Sneaky, malevolent, crazy af, is fucking gory af, loves smiling & laughing & knives, will probably be under your bed or in your closet.
-Extra: Is triggered if D is angered or in tight spaces.

~Powers: Golden Flames
-Can burn, heal, create, or make him see anything.
+When using it while full of emotion, a glyph will appear around him & spread.
-Rubaeic Flames: A darker version to his Golden Flames. Only when he's angered, they will show.
They can do very drastic things to his target. All he has to do is think about it then they will do it. They even can kill their target. They are worse when his insanity is triggered.
-Magic: He's been studying magic during his collage courses, he has a magic class & he needs it. It's a required class in order to graduate. He also uses a spell book to try to get better.
He knows:
•Black Alchemy
•Element Glyphs
•Shadow Magic 

~School: House of Night {Both high school & collage!}

~Relationship Status: Single

~Mate: --

~Physical Abilities:
-Rail Grinding
-Extreme Intense Combat

-A razor
-His claws & fangs

~Weapon Abilities:

-Screamer in the band "NeverHadSanity"

~Theme: Cashmere Cat- With Me
+Super Form Theme: Cashmere Cat- With Me {Infuzer Remix}
+Insane Form: Vamps- Inside of Me

-Daniel Malise {Father/Deceased}
-Amina Malise {Mother/Deceased}
-Demina Malise {Youngest Sister}
-Darrenis Malise {Twin Brother/Active}
-Jordan Piler {Foster Father/Deceased}
-Melissa Piler {Foster Mother/Deceased}

-Dameonix Malise {Anti}

~Medical Info: He's fucked. He was in an asylum for about almost two years because of his insanity. He had TONS & TONS of meds.

-Damea Malise {Generbend}
-Solar Flare {Super Form}
-Obsidian Flames {Dark Form}
-Dameonix Malise {Anti}
-Project D {Counterpart}

-High pitched {Use to be very deep! He made his voice high cuz he wanted it like that. But his voice will forever be deep as shit. He can change it back & forth.}
+Screamer Voice: C
hristoffer "Stoffe" Andersson

~Extra Info: 
-LOVES coffee, nutella, plushies {Especially Creepypasta ones!}
-He cuts!
Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
I brought this design back because it's more newer looking & less cringeworthy.
~:.Hyde Omina.:~
~Quote: "Wanna Get Jumped? Then Get Out My Fucking Face."

~Name: Hyler Vernante Omina
+Nickname: Hyde

~Sex: Male

~Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

~Species: Poisonous Black Garden Snake

~Age: 19

~D.O.B.: October 31, 1997

~Height: 5'0

~Weight: Average

~Status: Active

~Likes: Smoking, black, the night, drinking, breaking rules.

~Dislikes: Candy, large crowds, school, work, hyper people.

~Hates: Waking up early

~Phobias: None

~Personality: Prankster, rude at times, slacker, a real punk at times, loves parkour, loves hardcore metal, sometimes a loner, mischievous, cuts himself, has very high anxiety to a few things but mostly to situations that can bring his confidence down, impolite, obnoxious.
-Extra Traits: Perverted, VERY profane.

~Powers: Ink Manipulation
-User can create, or control ink. He/She can mold it or use it in any way they desire.

~Relationship Status: Uninterested.

~Mate: --

~Physical Abilities:

~Weapon{s}: Sin & The Sinner, two custom made hatchets. They have a button on the handle, right near the thumb area. Once pressed the blades of the hatchets pop off & are suspended by a whip like wires. The wires can go as far as to 15 feet.

~Weapon Abilities:

~Theme: --

-Snylin Harrison {Father}
-Nymph Omina {Mother}
-Synder Omina {Younger Brother}

~School: Chaos High School

~Extra Info: 
-Local bad boy
-Has a lot of tattoos & piercings along with other types of accessories.
-Hair will melt into ink when pissed off along with some things on him changing to be more menacing.
-There is a red pentagram hidden under his bang, on his forehead.
Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
~:.Nevermore.:~ {Creepypasta OC} {Ref}
~Name: Nevermore
+Real Name: Victoria Gavins
+Nickname: Vicky

~Age: 19

~D.O.B.: April 8th, 1997

~Species: Human

~Origin: San Diego, California

~Past Residence: Madison, Wisconsin

~Current Residence: Slender Mansion

~Likes: Reading, music, making the Creeps smile, her new family, eating the skin of her victims.

~Dislikes: Loud noises, annoyances.

~Hates: Black coffee


~Relationship Status: Crushing

~Crush: E.J. {Eyeless Jack}

~Hobbies: Baking, reading.

~Personality: Joyous, open-minded, wondrous, adventurous.
+Extra Traits: Easily triggered, sadistic, deranged, murderous, hot-headed.

~Weapons: Her metal fangs & claws.


-Has scars on various parts of her body. But her back is covered with them, some are still new & scarring. They cover every inch, her hair just covers them..Until she puts it up in like a ponytail, braid, etc.

~Theme: Dead By April - Can You See The Red

Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
~:.Adoptables!!.:~ {Youtuber Fan Edition}
Adopt #1 {Jacksepticeye fan}: 20 :points:
Adopt #2 {Markiplier fan} 25 :points:

Art: :iconanimoistic:

Once you buy them, you can choose what color palette you want for them!! :3
Good luck!!
So. Tomorrow I'm gonna write a story on my upcoming Creepypasta OC.

Her name is Victoria Gavins but her nickname is Vicky.

I'll give a small bit of info on her.


-Parents died when she was 5
-Put under foster care where she was neglected & sexually touched by her foster father.
-Foster father treated her as a slave until she was about 19.
-Her mind snaps & she kills her foster guardian with a steel metal pipe then she skinned him alive & ate the skin.
-She pulls out her teeth & finger nails.
-Shatters the pipe & uses the shards to replace her nails & teeth to make it look like she has fangs & claws.
-Yes. She eats the skin of her victims after skinning them. Cannibaliiiiiism.
-Has a crush on E.J. {Eyeless Jack}
-Thinks of Slender, the entity who took her back to the mansion, as a father figure.
-Treats all the Creeps as family.
-Changes her name to 'Nevermore', honoring her favorite author Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'The Raven'. Only E.J. & Slender can call her by her real name if they wanted.
-Her hobbies include reading & music. Reading lets her imagination fly & music makes her feel happy when she wants to be.

And so.

That's it.

Her story will be written tomorrow.


We'll see what happens.


Also I'm on Spring Break! Woot woot! 🙌 😃
~Quote: "If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It."

~Name: Aphrodite Okeema Lane
-Little Star {Called by her mother & father}
-Aphro {Called by friends}

~Sex: Female

~Sexual Orientation: Straight

~Species: Moonstone Demon
+Sub: Goddess

~Age: 23

~Height: 4'1

~Weight: Average

~Current Residents: With family

~Alliance: Good

~Status: Active

~Likes: Tea, coffee, sweets, the night, stories, weapons, tv, anime, comics, the arts.

~Dislikes: Bright objects.

~Hates: Loud things.

~Phobias: Heights, birds.

~Personality: Stubborn, strict, commanding, honest, caring, protective.
-Extra Traits: Loving, hyper.

~Powers: Shadow Manipulation
-Can control or create shadows in any way she wants. Like her father.
-Can control the night in any way she wants. Like her mother.

~Relationship Status: Crushing

~Mate: --

~Physical Abilities:

~Weapon{s}: Shadow Claws

~Weapon Abilities:
-Her fingers turn black & grow long, becoming solid shadows. They're strength is good & leave nasty scratch marks.

~Theme: Ellie Goulding - Hanging On

-Aurox Lane {Father}
-Obra Le Nyx {Mother}

~Voice Actor: Tori Kelly

~Enemies: None atm

-Aph {Genderbent}
-Midnight {Demon form}

~Extra Info: 
-Does a LOT of parkour & free running.

Character: :iconanimoistic:


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I'm against bulling & i'm make this so bulling can stop. People have been bullied across the globe & have been very hurt. I know how it feels, i'm a victim of bulling. So i'm creating this to stop bulling from poisoning our world. I'll really appreciate it if you helped. Thank You.

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Ok, so I'm opening this as a replacement for the other one.

They're all the same price.
But, if you want shading & lighting for your colored one, it'll cost an extra 10 points. 

Ok? Ok. X3 
Sketches will be on paper, lineart will either be on paper (Second picture) or computer, colored will always be on computer. 



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