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by Fyrae

Yas! I really like this character. The ref is so cool & VERY creative. I really like the fact he's an android & looks like a real porcupine {Unless you remove the scarf :)} I'm a huge fan of Zero & I hope SEGA sees this masterpiece because it deserves to be noticed & enknowledged. I'm thinking on mak...

Like holy shit! This is AMAZING! I love the expression in Strike's face & everything else about this picture. It's just so freaking fab & I love it! I really love this & I hope everyone does too! It's a masterpiece & reminds me of this song:… You deserve a cookie or be...


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~:.Jane Foxx.:~ {Ref} by Animoistic
~:.Jane Foxx.:~ {Ref}
~Name: Jane Cardin Foxx
+Nickname: Foxy, Red

~Age: 16

~Sex: Female

~Sexuality: Straight

~Species: Red Fox {Anthropomorphic}

~Height: 3ft 3cm

~Weight: 45lbs

~Powers: Keen smell, hearing, sight. Great speed too. She can run about 40-43 MPH.

~Origin: Zootopia

~Current Residents: An apartment in the city region of Zootopia

~Relationship Status: Single

~Mate: --

~Likes: Running, riding her bike {motorcycle}, relaxing.

~Dislikes: Chocolate, tight spaces.

~Hates: The coo-coo house, closed in spaces, muzzles.

~Allergies: nope.

~Personality: Smart, chill, relaxed, rule breaker, can be kind when she feels.
+Other Traits: Crazy, emotional, ignorant.

~Occupations: Tuning up her bike, making leather clothing, cooking, stealing, street racing.

-Fur: Red
-Muzzle + Inside Of Ears + Body Patch: Pale peach
-Tail Tip: Dark red
-Paws: Dark red
-Ear Tips: Dark red
-Eyebrows: Dark red
-Eyes: Light brown
-Nose: light black

-Jacket: Black
-Shirt: White
-Studded Arm Bands: Black
+Studs: Silver
-Shorts: blue jeans
-Belt: Black
-Choker: Black
-Leggings: Black
-Gloves: Black
-Boots: Black
+Bottoms: Silver
-Claws: Black
-Eye Shadow: Black
-Sunglasses {Wears them all the time}: Black
+Rims: Silver
+Handles: Silver
-Jewelry: Silver

~Body Info: 
-Scars: None
-Markings: Beauty spots above her right eyebrow.
-Breasts: Average
-Body: Slender. Average

~Theme: --
Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
This person is doing Requests! Check out her work! A kawaii & amazing!…
~:.Daryl Darkned The Hedgehog.:~ {Under Construct} by Animoistic
~:.Daryl Darkned The Hedgehog.:~ {Under Construct}
Ok so I'm gonna change Daryl again. He will be older, more mature. Also I'll be doing something unique with him. He's still an android but I'm gonna say that the DNA is getting so strong that the android is becoming the real thing. Flesh, organs,blood. The only thing that'll be different is that he'll have metal under the skin protecting the important stuff gears, flesh, etc.
I think this will be a good change.
When I get my computer back I'll update his picture. But I'll draw his new self on paper & put it up for the ref until then 
~Quote: "I'm Different, But Still A Person."

~Name: Daryl Darkned The Hedgehog

~Other: Daryl Darkned, Experiment 237, Project D.A.R.Y.L.
{Defensible Artificial Robust Yandere Lieutenant}

~Age: 29

~Sex: Femboy {He is biologically a boy. But the original Daryl had a birth defect. So he is both genders. He has the mind of a male tho, but the body of a female. But only, shape, BIG hips, reproductive system/private area, & a hidden smidge of emotions}

~Species: Android {But is slowly becoming the real person. Heartbeat & all}

~Sexuality: Bisexual

~D.O.B: June 5th, 2016 {Day of his creation}

~Zodiac: Cancer

~Height: 3'0

~Weight: 97lbs

~Relationship Status: Married

~Mate: Jayson Valor {…}

+He can shoot elemental lasers from his eyes.
-Bloodline's End: A large ax. It's VERY big. {It's an old weapon I decided to revamp} 

+He can copy anyone's weapon when he scans them.
-Android Abilities:
+Limb Morphing
+Mind Wipe

~Theme: Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites by Skrillex

~Team Formation: All

~Likes: Singing, playing piano, writing, drawing, poetry, friends, school, family, guns, weapons, fighting, training.

~Dislikes: Water, Black Doom. 

~Hates: People staring at him.

~Personality: Strict, creative, commanding, leadership, swears a lot, no chill, lowkey will shoot you down if you fuck with him the wrong way, can be hyper, sweet, loving, & the total opposite of what he is when he's around his lover.
+Extra Traits: Crazy, yandere.

~Work: Music
-He is lead singer in the band "Eternal Crown"
+It's a metal band. Screaming is involved, some sings will have it, some won't. 
This band is based off of "Hungry Hearts {Formerly " Curses"}".

-Gerade Osine {Creator & Father/Deceased}
-Jayson Valor {Husband}
-Blake Valor {Son}
-Daja Valor {Daughter}
-Rae {His pet baby piggy}

-He can reproduce. {He was made in a unique way. So he can have kids}
-Is gun crazy!
-Don't touch him if he doesn't know you.
-Don't touch the gems!
-LOVES cat plush toys! {Plushy, pillow, etc}
-Is a real hoe when it comes to Nutella, Peanut Butter, or Fluff.
-Can go insane when you fuck with his emotions.
{The rest is on the image}

~Voice Actor: Miguel Guizar 
{Lead singer in "Hungry Hearts"}

~Character & Art: :iconanimoistic:
So yeah, big ol' change in mah bb!
We now have the paper picture.
~:.Ann-Marie Wilson.:~ {Ref} by Animoistic
~:.Ann-Marie Wilson.:~ {Ref}
This is my first Zootopia character!
I tried. ^^"
~Quote: "You Never Know Unless You Try."

~Name: Ann-Marie Marionette Wilson
+Nickname: Marie, Ann.

~Age: 20's

~Sex: Female

~Sexuality: Straight

~Species: Arctic Wolf {Anthropomorphic}

~Height: 4ft 3cm

~Weight: 50lbs

~Powers: Keen smell, hearing, sight. She is also very fast. She can run about 31-37 MPH.

~Origin: Zootopia

~Current Residents: Zootopia's streets. She is homeless. But she is taking good care of herself.

~Relationship Status: Single

~Mate: --

~Likes: Running, reading, candy, meeting new people, exploring.

~Dislikes: Chocolate, milk.

~Hates: Being judged for her looks or species.

~Allergies: Flowers. {She sneezes}

~Personality: Smart, sensitive, sentimental, loyal, kind, honest, generous, comedic, shy when meeting new people or occasionally.
+Other Traits: Emotional, hot-headed, ignorant.

~Occupations: Cooking, baking, running, working out.

-Fur: White
-Muzzle + Inside Of Ears + Body Patch + Tail Patch: Light grey
-Ears: Light black
-Eyebrows: Black
-Eyes: Aquamarine
-Nose: Black

-Shirt: Sky blue & very light black
-Skinny Pants: Black
-Belt + Choker + Bracelets: Light grey
-Buckles: Silver
-Fingerless Gloves: Black
-High Heeled Boots: Same as shirt
-Claws: Sky blue {nail polish without it, they're black}
-Eye Shadow: Black

~Body Info:
-Scars: Claw marks on her hidden eye, legs, back, neck, & wrists. She got them from when her parents attacked her due to the serum that made the animals savage. Her parents are dead due to them killing each other off from being savage. She had to get a fake eye from the attack. So she kept is hidden. She was around 5-6 years old.
-Markings: Beauty spot on her cheek & left thigh.
-Breasts: Average
-Body: Slender. A bit over average hip width.

~Theme: --
Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
This person is doing Requests! Check out her work! A kawaii & amazing!…
Template: :iconDPphanatic 30:
Character: :iconanimoistic:
~General Information
-Name: Jessie Landon
-Gender: Female
-Age: 16
-Species: Halfa
-Powers (If Any): Gravity Ray, ghost sense, invisibility, phasing through things, overshadowing, cloning, & speaking to other ghosts through mind.
+Basically for the gravity ray, she'll shoot a purple ray at an object or person, & make it lose it's gravity & float away. It works well but has a time limiter. Ghosts will float non-moveable for like 5-10 minutes. Humans it's for 15-20.
-Birthplace: London
-Current Living Place: Amity Park

~Physical Appearance
-Hair Color:
+Human: Light Brown
+Ghost: Pale Purple {It's like energy}
-Eye Color:
+Human: Silver
+Ghost: Purple
-Skin Tone:
+Human: Light tan
+Ghost: Regular tan
-Weight: 94lbs
-Height: 5'1
+Human: A blue, strapless, stomach shirt with long dark gray skinny jeans & a pair of custom made heeled  black boots.
+Ghost: A custom made jumpsuit that shows her stomach.  Has gold colored gloves & heeled boots that glow when a powerful enemy is near. {I'll both when I can}

-Personality: Sweet, stubborn, brave, emotional when it comes her her loved ones.
-Likes: Video games, getting down & dirty, sleeping, technology, friends..She tries but fails.
-Dislikes: Getting bullied, girly girls, tall people because they mock her height all the time, seafood.
-Good Traits: Open-minded, artistic, friendly.
-Bad Traits: Loner
-Strange Habits (if any): Constantly petting animals. Where she is from, there really aren't many animals. Her father thinks that they'll attack her.
I'll draw her some point today.


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~:.Welcome To Mah Page!.:~ {Sketch} by Animoistic
~:.FNAF Jay Animatronic FREE COLOR!.:~ by Animoistic
~:.Winter Clothing.:~ by Animoistic
Ok, so I'm opening this as a replacement for the other one.

They're all the same price.
But, if you want shading & lighting for your colored one, it'll cost an extra 10 points. 

Ok? Ok. X3 
Sketches will be on paper, lineart will either be on paper (Second picture) or computer, colored will always be on computer. 



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