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by Fyrae

Yas! I really like this character. The ref is so cool & VERY creative. I really like the fact he's an android & looks like a real porcupine {Unless you remove the scarf :)} I'm a huge fan of Zero & I hope SEGA sees this masterpiece because it deserves to be noticed & enknowledged. I'm thinking on mak...

Like holy shit! This is AMAZING! I love the expression in Strike's face & everything else about this picture. It's just so freaking fab & I love it! I really love this & I hope everyone does too! It's a masterpiece & reminds me of this song:… You deserve a cookie or be...


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~:.Cypress Linnia.:~ {FNAF OC REF}
~Name: Cypress Alina Linnia
+Other: Cy

~Sex: Female

~Species: Robot

~Height: 6'1

~Weight: Heavyweight {Due to being metal under the skin}

~Current Residents: She lives on her own but lives near Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

~Status: Active

~Likes: Learning, animals, working, nature, all things soft & sweet.

~Dislikes: Mean people.

~Hates: Water


~Personality: Humble, creative, soft, sweet, loving.
-Extra Traits: Serious, can glitch at times bit when under pressure.

~Work: Night guard at Freddy Fazbear's. She chose to be where her father's creativity took place.

~Physical Abilities:
-Flight {Smoke & air come from the bottoms of her shoes. All her shoes have holes at the bottom.}

-Mitchell Linnia {Father/Creator/Deceased}

~Voice: TrickyWi from YouTube

~Extra Info: 
-Her father made all the animatronics. {Diner-Pizzeria}
-Cypress is a robotic duplicate of his late daughter. She passed away from cancer.
-Her father died from sickness. He died at 46.
Credit: :icongothicsoulizzy:
Character: :iconanimoistic:
~:.Come And Get Me.:~
It was a doodle but then it turned into this.
💜Art: :iconanimoistic:
❤Alex: :iconanimoistic:
💙Cypress: :iconanimoistic:
💚Mike {Version}: Rebornica
1. So Darren, why did you leave your family when you was a child?

"I wanted to go out & see the world. I also wanted to learn how to defend myself & my family. When I finally returned 12 years later I found out what happened with mother, father, Dameon, & Demi. I was heartbroken but I pulled it together with my siblings."

2. Why do you & Dameon have this insanity disorder?

"Doctors say it was like defect during my brother & I's development inside our mother. We still don't know how it happened."

3. If you took that necklace off, what would kt2 mean?

"I'll be weaponless & I'll have to use my powers until it's put back on."

4. What are your relationships like with your siblings?

"Hehe...We are just perfect. If course, we have our fights but in the end we make up & start over."

5. Ever wish you could speak to your parents again?

"I do...When I left I didn't even tell them. I just left a note & left the city...I feel like they're deaths & what happened to Dameon & Demi are my fault....I should've been there..."

6. Where did you go when you left?

"I went to a city called Hanoyoshi. I stayed there for about 6 months & then I journeyed to Yurinika, a village where you're trained to fight. I stayed there for about 4 years. I've spent the remaining time trying to perfect my abilities & going home."

7. Ever wish you could change the past?

"Yes. I do. I'll prevent mother & father's deaths so Dameon & Demi could be happy. They didn't deserve what that foster family did to them...!!!"

8. In school?

"No. I taught myself all I needed to know."

9. Will you ever leave like that again?

"No...I'm staying with my family."

10. How was the 12 year journey? What was the experience?

"The journey was all kinds of things. Hard, scary, brash, & somewhat relaxing. I've experienced what fear can do to you & what seeing others hurt or killed can do to you. It was something I will never forget."
1. So Dameon, how did you master all your talents?

"Well...It was mainly practicing by myself but with the sewing, cooking, & baking, I had help from my late father & mother."

2. What's your favorite school subject?

"I'm mostly into the arts. Like painting, sculpting, music, & drama. All that good stuff!"

3. Can you tell us a bit about you?

"My full name is Dameonix Vernando Malise. I was born in Metro City, Umbridge. I really never liked my real name so I just like to be called Dameon instead of Dameonix. I am in my younger years of age & I am very tall."

4. What music are you into?

"Mostly metal & as small bit of pop. I'll take time to listen to other genres, if the certain song sparks my interests I'll look deeper into that type of music."

5. Favorite video game?

"So far it's Gears of War. I'm just starting to get into Five Nights at Freddy's. I'm now on the 3rd game. It's fun, the jumpscares do make me pee myself sometimes. I'm also looking into many other games."

6: Why don't you go shopping as much? What if you need new clothing?

"After all that has been going on in the world I don't go out as much as I use to. And I can make my clothing. I made the outfit I'm currently wearing."

7. What do you want to be when you're out of school?

"Either a model, designer, or maybe I'll stick with NeverHadSanity. I honestly dunno what I'm going to do yet."

8. Who's NeverHadSanity?

"NeverHadSanity is a band that Jayson Valor & I put together one day. We've just been noticed & are making demos."

9. Favorite video game character?

"I have many but I'm leaning into Tidus from Final Fantasy X."

10. Do you have any siblings?

"Yes! I have my twin brother Darren & my sister Demi.
Darren & I, we get called the Twin Towers due being identical & very tall. Hehe!"

11. What's your favorite anime?

"Fairy Tail!"


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Sketch, Lineart, or Colored
Ok, so I'm opening this as a replacement for the other one.

They're all the same price.
But, if you want shading & lighting for your colored one, it'll cost an extra 10 points. 

Ok? Ok. X3 
Sketches will be on paper, lineart will either be on paper (Second picture) or computer, colored will always be on computer. 



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