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by Fyrae

Yas! I really like this character. The ref is so cool & VERY creative. I really like the fact he's an android & looks like a real porcupine {Unless you remove the scarf :)} I'm a huge fan of Zero & I hope SEGA sees this masterpiece because it deserves to be noticed & enknowledged. I'm thinking on mak...

Like holy shit! This is AMAZING! I love the expression in Strike's face & everything else about this picture. It's just so freaking fab & I love it! I really love this & I hope everyone does too! It's a masterpiece & reminds me of this song:… You deserve a cookie or be...


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~:.Anna LankHeart.:~
A small doodle of Anna.

Made it in school!

Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
I drew this in school.

I fucked up on her pupils but eh.

Still looks nice.

Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
{FNAF} Mike Schmidt {REBORNICA}
I drew Rebornica's version of Mike Schmidt because I really LOVE the AU & this version of the character!

I know she doesn't do FNAF stuff anymore but I just wanted to draw this because of how much I love her, her art, & her ideas!
Art: :iconanimoistic:
Mike Schmidt: Scott Cawthon
Version: Rebornica
#Rebornica #FNAF #FNAFAU
Rosana {FNAF OC} {Ref}
Name: Rosana

Nickname(s): Rosie

Gender: Female

Duration of Service (Age): Not that long, just a few years.

Species: Spider

Eye Color: Mainly silver, but changes color to every night. Red {night 2}, pink {night 3}, blue {night 4}, orange {night 5}, black {night 6}, & left one pink while the other one is silver {night 7}.

Fur Color: Black

Height: 5'1

Accessories: Pink glowing oval light on chest. It's like a strobe light.

Unique Skeletal/AI Features: Skeleton connects to both her normal arms & her spider arms. It also connects to her light.

Location: FNAF 2 Pizzeria Safe Room

Occupation: Singing 

Voice: Very gentle & soft
+Voice Actor: TrickyWi from YouTube

Personality: Calm, curious, extreme, shy, collective, can be provoked/triggered easily.

Quirks: Has a habit of singing creepy songs when too happy.

Reason for Decommission: Attacked a group of minors due to a "malfunction."

Brought Back into Service?: Not yet.

In Line for Refurbishment?: Nope.

Starting Location: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza [FNAF 2]

Passive or Aggressive: Can be both.

Daytime Actions: Just a statue.

Nighttime Actions: 
-Night One: Just appears in hallways with different facial expressions.
-Night Two: Jamming audio & cameras at the same time.
-Night Three: Fast movement
-Night Four: Jamming vents along with fast movement.
-Night Five: All of the above.
-Bonus! Night Six: All of the above
-Bonus! Night Seven: 8 1/2

Manner of Attack: Impalement or dismemberment with her spider legs.

Audio Cues: Her laughing

Attack Screen: Jumping onto you

Weakness(es): The ghosts' jumpscares

Lore/Biography: She doesn't fit into canon. I just made her because I'm a hardcore fan & I had this idea to make a character. It's my first FNAF OC.

So Rosie was used in FNAF 2's pizzeria & during her last year of service she malfunctioned & brutally attacked a large group of minors. 3 badly injured, 4 dead, & 2 put in comas. She was then shut down but then suddenly reactivated.

Interaction with Other Animatronics:
-The Toy Animatronics: 3 years of history, only when she was normal, before her malfunction. They was all friends.

Trivia: --

Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
~:.Rephaim Lorean.:~ {Ref}
~Quote: "I'm Never Hiding, You Arrogant Fools!"

~Name: Rephaim Abraxas Lorean

~Physical Age: 17ish

~Actual Age: 3924 {Sheesh}

~Nickname: Reph

~Species: Raven Mocker {Demon/Fallen Angel}

~Sexuality: Bisexual

~Relationship Status: Single

~Mate: --

-Combat: The basic punches, kicks & other swifty shet.
-Reigning Claws: His claws can grow longer. He can use them as an extra weapon if his main is out of reach.
-Spinning Needle: With his large raven wings grown, he can spin & break through anything. His wings are tough & strong, they are like protection.

-Darkness: Rephaim can make sticky, smokey strands/tendrils of eerie, murky darkness come out his claw tips. He can also manipulate it & use it for attacks, defence, & form.
+Shadow Manipulation: These two are alike. But he uses them differently. He can control shadows & use them in his will. While kissing a victim, he can suck out their soul & use their own shadows to turn the body into a shadow that is at Rephaim's mercy.
-Attack Cloning: Reph can make a shadow clone of himself that can deliver a single attack before vanishing.
-Shadow Torrent: Can make a tornado from his shadows. This can bring sever damage.
-Overshadow: He can become nothing but shadows & take over a person's body like a ghost.
-Heat Feeling: He can sense heat signatures & find the things he touched with this ability. He can find things that he lost or the items he touched, no matter how old they are.
-Phasing: Can go through solid objects via becoming all shadows. 
-Hypnosis: He can hypnotise you with his glare.
-Glare: He will deliver a soul piercing glare, it'll make the targeted object either weak or just flat out die.
-Mood Eye: His visible eye changes color due to his mood.
+Dark Red: Normal 
+Yellow: Frightened
+Black: Angry 
+Blue: Sad
+Light Blue: Nervous/Shocked/Surprised 
+Purple: Disgusted 
+Pink: Flustered 
+Magenta/Amethyst: Love
+Green: Embarrassed
+Grey: Heartbroken
-Monstrous Touch: He has a normal touch with his bare hands, but if he feels the need to do it, he will turn you into a monster with a touch of his bare hand. 

-Extreme heat
-Light {Like the power Spirit}
-Losing the people he loves.

~Origin: The Otherworld

~Current Residence: Anywhere.

~Alliance: Neutral

~Rank: High

~Threat Level: Moderate/Maximum


~Height: 5'5

~Weight: 78 lbs

~Weapon{s}: A black, skull designed scissor half with a jaggd edged blade, it's made from his own shadow.
+Other: He can make weapons or creatures with his shadows.

~Likes: Being himself, being alone.

~Dislikes: Strangers touching him.

~Hates: Being called an "abomination".

~Fears: Losing the people he cares about.

~Hobbies: Making weapons

~Personality: Vigilant, strong, sweet, honorable, heroic, shy, bashful, a warrior, artistic.
+Hidden Traits: Emotional, vile, ignorant, fearful.

~School: House of Night
-He is a Junior.
-Getting good grades
-Already doing some collage work.
-Is highest in the musical arts.
-Highest GPA ever!
-Does get bullied due to his look, style, likes, past, & smarts.
-Renee Lorean {Mother(Deceased)}
-Demeatrius Lorean {Older brother (Deceased)}
-Vanessent Lorean {Younger Sister. She is 3 years younger}
-Traivos Lorean {Father (Deceased)}
-Avery Derian {Cousin}
-Goliath: Pet & Guardian. 
-Kashaina Youkiashi: Mentor

~Work: Hunter/Warrior
-He exterminates all kinds of evil. He even has been in many wars & won.

-He has 3 eyes. {Look at his tail}
-The 3 gems {hidden by his bang} on his head are like his power supply & they keep his powers at bay, if broken, his powers will go chaotic.
-Goliath is a spider who can change it's size. He is also Rephaim's tattoo which is on his leg.
He basically comes to life.

~Voice Actor: Andy Biersack
Made with MS Paint at my school.

Art & Character: :iconanimoistic:
~Quote: "I'm A Lazy, Thicc Potato."

~Name: Kyria Maria Alves
+Other: Ky

~Sex: Female

~Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

~Age: 17

~D.O.B.: June 22nd, 1999

~Height: 5'5

~Weight: Average {But I'm thicc}

~Origin: Providence, Rhode Island

~Current Residents: Fort Myers, Florida

~Likes: Candy, drawing, friends, being myself, FNAF, Sonic, anime, music, sleeping, food, black, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, YouTube.

~Dislikes: Judgers, asshats, bullies, abuse, prissy people, wannabes, trolls, people who act like 5 year olds.

~Hates: Being upset cuz then my Irish shows. Aaaaaa.

-Leaving a door open.

~Personality: Shy, calm, biracial, emotional, creative, hyper at times, loving, Springtrap's bitch.
-Extra Traits: Crazy.

~Relationship Status: Taken

~Mate: :iconnerdydirewolf:

~Theme: Street Dreams by Hollywood Undead {My fav song by them}

~Extra Info: 
-Probably has hentai in her gallery or closet.
-May stalk your page.
-Made her own definition for the word "Femboy". Still improving it as she go.
-Has "All The Way" by Jacksepticeye as her ringtone.
-Has a YouTube account but hasn't posted shit on it in so long.
-Hates Donald Trump but has Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" in her playlist.
-Is happy to be herself
-Bullied all her damn life to where she's broken & her sanity is broken. Hell she never had any to begin with.
-Needs glasses but too poor to buy them.
They will be done either today or tomorrow. I had some rough times trying to get it right & failing miserably.
But don't worry! The two people who commented will get them! Promise!


Animoistic has started a donation pool!
502 / 100
I'm against bulling & i'm make this so bulling can stop. People have been bullied across the globe & have been very hurt. I know how it feels, i'm a victim of bulling. So i'm creating this to stop bulling from poisoning our world. I'll really appreciate it if you helped. Thank You.

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ai! I'm Kyria! I'm only 16 years old & I love to do many things!
I'm still learning how to draw tho! Cx


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Sketch, Lineart, or Colored
Ok, so I'm opening this as a replacement for the other one.

They're all the same price.
But, if you want shading & lighting for your colored one, it'll cost an extra 10 points. 

Ok? Ok. X3 
Sketches will be on paper, lineart will either be on paper (Second picture) or computer, colored will always be on computer. 



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